Six little helpers for your bike that you’ll love!

Beitrag vom:15. August 2023

These bicycle accessories will improve your everyday cycling life

Often it is the little things in life that give us pleasure. This also includes the useful little helpers from SKS GERMANY. Discover six small but splendid accessories for your bike in our blog that will improve your life as a cyclist. Once used, you’re guaranteed not to want to do without them any more.

Little helper no. 1: ZIPFLINGER 

If the valve is difficult to access or the shaft is too short, the flexible hose adapter with the funny name ZIPFLINGER comes into play. Simply connect it to the SKS MULTI VALVE head or the new MV EASY valve head and screw it onto the valve. This means that you can inflate not only the tyres of children’s bicycles, but also wheelbarrows, sack carts or buggies in no time at all. 

Little helper no. 2: Bike chain guard

You ride through a pothole and it is already too late. The bicycle chain knocks noisily against the chain stay and leaves unsightly damage on the paint. How annoying! The bike chain guard made of robust neoprene prevents such damage and additionally deals with chain oil, dirt and stone chips. Thanks to the long hook and loop fastener, the guard can be easily fixed in place.

Little helper no. 3: SQlab adapter

This small adapter can be used to easily attach SKS saddle bags with a click fastening to SQlab Active saddle models 602 and 621 (version 2.1, model year 2023). After you have screwed the adapter to the underside of the saddle, you can slide your bag onto the adapter and remove it again by pressing the lever. Practical, right?

Little helper no. 4: CAGE SHIFTER

Your bottle does not fit into the bottle cage because there is not enough space in the frame? The CAGE SHIFTER allows you to mount the bottle holder facing upwards or downwards. You can gain up to 4.5 centimetres through the slotted holes. Once fitted, all you need to do is screw your water bottle holder onto the CAGE SHIFTER.

Picture shows the Cage Shifter on the bike frame with a water bottle cage

Little helper no. 5: S-GUARD

Small, but great. You should not underestimate the S-GUARD! The lightweight rear mudguard made of flexible plastic fits easily into any jersey pocket or bike backpack. In the case of rain, you can clamp the S-GUARD under the saddle without any tools, where it will keep the worst dirt away from you. Your washing machine will thank you.

Little helper no. 6: VELODETECT+

A perfect camouflage to secure what you love. The VELODETECT+ allows you to integrate an Apple AirTag inconspicuously on the bike frame. Well concealed under the drinking bottle holder, the flat mounting is hardly noticeable. Adapters and hook and loop fasteners are ideal for mounting mini pumps, replacement inner tubes or tools that are always close at hand waiting to be used.

The Velodetect is mounted on the bicycle frame