No hot air! New floor pumps are now available from SKS Germany

Beitrag vom:12. April 2022

Roll on spring: The new SKS floor pumps are available! By launching these pumps, SKS GERMANY is expanding its range with five powerful pressure boosters showcasing the usual good “made in Germany” SKS quality. This is not surprising because they come from the factory that made the RENNKOMPRESSOR pump, the flagship model among the SKS floor pumps. “We have deliberately chosen five pumps in a price range of €29.99 to €59.99, which fulfil a wide range of requirements in terms of ease of use and features,” explains Sales Manager Marcel Spork. “This way, both recreational cyclists and professionals can find the right ‘pump for life’ at our company.”

The AIRKOMPRESSOR COMPACT 10.0 is the ideal entry-level pump. The AIRKOMPRESSOR 10.0 has a larger pressure gauge and a higher steel pipe. For those who want even more comfort when pumping up their tyres, the AIR-X-PLORER 10.0 with a soft-touch handle is the right choice. The AIRMOTION 12.0 with a pressure gauge at the top is perfect for using in the workshop or during competitions (up to 12 bar). Professional cyclists will be delighted with the AIR-X-PLORER DIGI 10.0 with a digital pressure gauge that measures accurately to two decimal points. All floor pumps are equipped with the improved “MV EASY” MULTI VALVE head for all types of valves.

Sustainability isn’t just hot air at SKS GERMANY! During the development phase, care was taken to ensure that mechanisms can be repaired and all components can be replaced. Many spare parts are still available years after the purchase, ensuring that the floor pumps can be used with pleasure over many generations.