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Beitrag vom:12. October 2021

MUDROCKER mudguards: keeps the focus on the trail – and the mud off your face

Mountain bikers like to “play” in the mud. That’s a fact. Dirt makes biking a blast! A mud mask and peel are great for the complexion but it’s no fun when the dirt gets between your teeth. It’s no good: you need mudguards!

The best solution just in case (or if it rains)

Mudguards are like umbrellas. Just as bulky, but a blessing in the rain. They should provide protection and still look good. But are there mudguards that add a stylish touch to the bike? The answer is: yes – the MUDROCKER. They integrate themselves onto your mountain bike in such a way that the frame and wheel form a single unit and are also the perfect solution in case of the unexpected (or if it rains) so that you don’t look as if you have come out wearing dirty clothes.


The rear mudguard is mounted on the seat bars of the rear fork with rubberised hook and loop fasteners. The soft, wedge-shaped pad in the mounting brackets protects your frame and can be rotated and used in two different positions for height adjustment. 

Another type of protection is provided by the extender which can optionally be inserted and slid towards the seat bar. It can be specifically adapted using scissors and provides protection against dirt in the bottom bracket area and on the derailleur.


You can mount the mudguard at the front with hook and loop fasteners or cable ties. If threads are available, the MUDROCKER can also be mounted with an adapter (included in the scope of delivery). This is also compatible with suspension forks with two lateral threaded bushings from the brands Fox, Rockshox (from model year 2021 onwards) and Öhlins. 

The lateral mounting to the fork legs with hook and loop fasteners or cable ties also ensures high stability. In addition, the side tube protection ensures that less dirt gets into the stanchion tube. 

Note: MUDROCKER mudguards are also suitable for full suspension bikes and mountain bikes with Vario seat posts (tyre width up to 3.0”, wheel size from 27.5” (650B) to 29”). 

A grin instead of mud

The mudguards are made of impact-resistant high-performance plastic and have been developed and produced in Germany with great know-how. Due to their unique length, MUDROCKER mudguards provide optimum protection against spray water and put a broad grin on your face instead of dirt – guaranteed!