How a coincidence became a stroke of luck

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The history of the Bluemels mudguards

Bluemels is a strange word. It sounds a bit like the diminutive form of Blumen, the German word for flowers, but it has nothing to do with plants. But rather with deeply rooted structures that can be found not only in the company SKS GERMANY, but also in a traditional English company. Find out about the history of Bluemels mudguards in this blog.

On the photo is the Bluemels logo with the title Bluemels, Since 1985 by SKS-Germany.

London in 1860

It was the year 1860 when C. W. Bluemel and Brothers Ltd. was founded in the east of London by Charles William Bluemel. The bicycle products gained an excellent reputation and the company expanded rapidly. In 1902, production was relocated to Coventry. The company’s portfolio was constantly expanding and included parts for motorcycles and the automotive industry. In the 1940s, sons Frank William and Roland Edward Bluemel continued the expansion, producing car parts for Jaguar and Austin Martin, among others. 

The photo shows the Bluemels factory in Coventry in the early 1920s.
The Bluemels plant in Coventry

A groundbreaking discovery

The company had to declare insolvency in the 1980s. In 1983, the then SKS Managing Director Willi Blome received the note from a British bicycle wholesaler: A takeover of the Bluemels pump production facilities is certainly worthwhile. A tip that should turn out to be groundbreaking for the company SKS, which at that time only produced bicycle pumps. During the tour in Coventry, the SKS team also discovered machines for the production of mudguards and it was decided to take over these production facilities as well. 

The picture shows a poster about the Bluemels wheel protectors. It shows two men riding bicycles.

Off to pastures new

In 1985, a group of SKS employees travelled to England together with Willi Blome and Operations Manager Walter Scheffer to dismantle the Bluemels machines and prepare them for transport to Germany. This work took several weeks and in the end, ten articulated trucks were ready to set out on their journey. After many tests as well as restructuring and expansion measures in the new SKS mudguard production facilities, the first order for the company Hercules was finally produced in winter 1985. 

In this picture you can see the SKS employees together with Willi Blome (right) and plant manager Walter Scheffer (above) on their way to England to dismantle the Bluemels machines and prepare them for transport to Germany.
SKS employees together with Willi Blome (right) and plant manager Walter Scheffer (above).

The Bluemels success story

After starting the Bluemels production, SKS GERMANY developed other mudguards and continuously expanded the product range. As an original bicycle equipment manufacturer, SKS delivered to 90 countries worldwide at the beginning of the 1990s. Today the Bluemels mudguards are popular classics. They are continuously optimised to suit the requirements of modern bicycles. In this way, the traditional English brand lives on – through a coincidence that became a stroke of luck. 

In this photo you can see a bicycle riding through the forest with a Bluemels wheel guard.