Girl power on two wheels

Beitrag vom:30. March 2022


They don’t have any diva-like airs and graces. In a male-dominated cycling industry, extravagant behaviour would be misplaced anyway. The Wheel Divas are suffering, sweating and striving towards the goal of becoming a professional cycling team. They want to be perceived in the same way as their male colleagues and demonstrate the highest sporting performance that ambitious women are capable of.

Since 2017, the Wheel Divas Cycling Team has been competing in the Lila Logistik national cycling league and taking part in the German Championships and in international tours. The confident name and the striking logo show that something unique has long since been achieved in women’s cycling. In addition, the expressed term “a special level of girl power” should help to make the sport more female-centric in general in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Determination, motivation and courage.

The faces behind the development team clearly reflect the club’s philosophy: determined, motivated and courageous. The ten riders have different levels of experience in life and competition, live in different German towns and cities, have individual sports careers and coordinate their day-to-day life from their school, studies, job or family, in addition to daily training sessions.

The world of cycling can therefore remain curious about the developments that will take place in the capital in the future. One thing is already clear today: big visions need strong partners. “For this reason, we are grateful and proud of the material support provided by SKS GERMANY,” states team leader Hans-Günter Päske. “The products have been subjected to tough tests during the races. We have not had a single failure to date. It’s just that reliability that counts.”