Five must-haves for bike commuters

Beitrag vom:16. July 2021

Cycling to work safely

Commuting by bike to work doesn’t just keep you fit. Your risk of infection is reduced, you save money and protect the environment at the same time. Cycling also supports your mental well-being. So many good reasons for “swapping” from car to bike.

The picture shows a woman cycling to work.

But before cycling to work under your own steam, you need to get the right basic equipment. We recommend five must-haves to make your commuter life easier.


#1 A mini pump 

Small but effective

If you’re faced with a flat tyre while en route, a small but powerful bicycle pump like the INJEX T-ZOOM will do a good job. Pumping is child’s play with the integrated telescopic function and the folding T-handle. It weighs next to nothing on a bicycle frame, in a bike bag or in a backpack.

The picture shows a bicycle tyre being inflated with the Injex hand pump.

#2 A multi tool

Helper in time of need

While we are on the topic of bicycle breakdowns. You can fix many small defects while en route with handy multi tools. For example, the TOM 18 multi tool from SKS combines 18 tool functions. Easily stored in the neoprene bag provided, you are perfectly prepared for any loose screw.

The picture shows a bicycle being repaired with the SKS Multitool.


With the free SKS MYBIKE app, a puncture is fortunately no big deal. Just display the nearby pumping stations, inner tube vending machines or bike shops. So you can quickly find help, no matter where. 

#3 A mobile phone holder

Everything in view

You always have your smartphone with you – without a doubt. Instead of being in a laptop bag, the COMPIT system can also be mounted directly on the bike handlebars and is therefore always in sight. To match it, we recommend the waterproof COM/SMARTBAG universal smartphone case. The extra pocket underneath offers space for the COM/UNIT power bank for inductive charging of your mobile phone during the ride.

The picture shows the SKS Compit system with the Smartbag.

#4 A bike bag

Robust space miracle

A tool, pump and repair kit can be perfected stored in the TRAVELLER bike bag. The robust, water-resistant mix of materials simply repels any rain, spray water and dirt. If you want to completely do without a backpack, the waterproof EXPLORER saddle bag with a volume of 13 litres is the perfect choice. It is also coming with a clip-on mudguard.

The picture shows the SKS Traveller.
The picture shows the SKS Explorer Saddlebag, perfekt for cycling to work.

#5 Mudguards

Mud busters for all kinds of weathe

Speaking of mudguards. Good mudguards are a must-have so that cycling to work doesn’t turn into a muddy bike tour. If your bike does not have fixed mudguards, it can simply be retrofitted with clip-on mudguards, such as the S-BLADE and S-BOARD so that you arrive at work clean and dry.

The picture shows a man cycling to work.