Between singletrails and social media

Beitrag vom:4. November 2021

An interview with SKS GERMANY’s brand ambassador Steffi Marth 

She is a professional mountain biker, loves adventure trips and has over 32,000 followers on Instagram: Steffi Marth is a jack of all trades. Challenges are her thing: racing, trying out new sports or having a good time on the trails in Germany and the rest of the world. Since the beginning of 2020, the 35-year old has been a brand ambassador for SKS GERMANY and shares the enthusiasm for SKS products with her international fan base. 

Steffi, you have a Masters in Architecture. But instead of planning buildings, you are working as an influencer, presenting well-known brands in the bicycle industry. How did this happen?  

I have been riding a bike and competing on a BMX and mountain bike since I was twelve years old. Since then, my life has solely revolved around bicycles, everything else has been more or less of secondary importance. It is good to have a job in reserve but after finishing my active cycling career, I still see myself being in the bike scene and not behind a planning desk or on a construction site.

How does a normal day look like for you?

I travel a lot during the bike season and rarely sleep three days in the same bed. My life consists of packing, unpacking, cycling and keeping my Instagram channel up-to-date in between. In fact, I spend a lot of time processing photos and videos and sharing my experiences on social media. This can result in a screen time of four hours per day.

What exactly do you like about the SKS products?

During my bike trips, I need tools or pumps in particular to rely on. If you’re on a mountain or even in the middle of the cold, wintry highland steppe region in China, you just want your pump inflate the tyre quickly. That’s why I use the AIRFLEX EXPLORER, which provides good pressure and is very handy.

What tip do you have for the readers so that they can be well equipped when they start their adventure?

I am a real fan of the COMPIT+. When planning an adventure, you usually need good route guidance. Then you want to take photos and videos and maybe check the weather from time to time – this draws lots of power from the mobile phone battery. With the COMPIT system, you not only have the navigation directly on the handlebars, but also the power bank right underneath it without any cables. 

How important is sustainability to you?

A few weeks ago, I visited SKS GERMANY in Sundern for the first time and looked at how the products are produced and processed on site. I am very happy to be able to use products that have been developed and produced in Germany and have not had a long journey from Asia. In today’s world, this is more ecologically important than ever.

Photos: Michael Kull, Marco Fischer