Beitrag vom:1. July 2021

PASSION FOR COLLECTING THE RENNKOMPRESSOR PUMP – a phrase that is not nearly as long as the array of cult pumps that are lined up decoratively in Frank Dellanna’s attic. The 55-year old doctor from Cologne describes his unusual hobby as “a little bit crazy”. He tells us in an interview how it came about.

Mr. Dellanna, some people collect stamps – you collect pumps. Why?

My wife would say: because there was no space left for racing bikes. But that’s not quite the case. It is true that I have amassed a small collection of classic racing bikes over time. The aesthetics of the slim steel frames have fascinated me since the 1980s. For me, it is precisely these aesthetics that are echoed in the shape of the Rennkompressor pump. That was the impulse for my collection. 

When did the great love begin?

I remember the moment exactly. It was at a small market for racing bike parts. A special model of the Rennkompressor  pump was displayed on a stand – in a golden picture frame, just like a classic painting in a museum. I probably unwittingly thought that the Rennkompressor  pump was worth collecting just like a work of art. 

What else fascinates you about the Rennkompressor pump – besides the aesthetics?

Tradition and functionality. I just love it when a product is so good that it lasts for decades and is still produced in the same way as it used to be. In addition, the Rennkompressor pump is produced in the Sauerland region, an area for which I have always had an affinity. In addition to these aspects, however, there is one decisive factor: I have never held a pump in my hand that makes pumping up tyres so enjoyable.

How many Rennkompressorpumps do you own? 

I now have 88 of them. I have some models in different versions and conditions – as well as some limited anniversary models that I particularly like. As a collector, you are never finished, but my aim was to own every model and every colour – and of course, in our bicycle-friendly family, two Rennkompressor  pumps are in use every day.

Do you have a favourite Rennkompressor pump?  

Red is my all-time favourite colour so it’s no wonder that I have two favourite Rennkompressor pumps: the very first, rare model from 1966 – my dream came true after searching for a long, long time – and the anniversary model launched in 2016 to celebrate 50 years of the Rennkompressor pump.

What do your family and friends say about it?

It’s something to marvel at. They mock me a bit. My sons like the collection but my wife is very reserved about it – so I have come to terms with getting on with this passion wonderfully alone. 

“I always put my heart and soul into what I am doing – and so my passion for 
the Rennkompressor pump has also reached this level.”