7 gift ideas for cyclists

Beitrag vom:9. December 2021

Everything that the biker’s heart desires

Graphic shows Santa with flying sleigh and reindeer.

You don’t have any gifts yet and Christmas is looming closer and closer? Not a problem – if the recipient is a cyclist. Fortunately, there are many great gift ideas for cyclists, which guarantee to put a smile of the faces of bike enthusiasts. We will show you the perfect gifts under the festively decorated Christmas tree.


For back pain sufferers

The AIRSTEP foot pump is ideal for pumping up bicycle tyres with convenient foot work, especially for people with back pain. For those who want to adjust the tyre pressure very precisely, we recommend the AIRSTEP DIGI with a digital pressure gauge and high measuring accuracy.

The Airstep foot pump in the snow, decorated with bows.


For nightriders

This gift sparkles radiantly just like the Christmas tree. The NIGHTBLADE mudguard not only protects against spray water but also provides visibility in the dark. The integrated rear light can be removed and charged via a USB connection.

Nightblade mudguard in the snow, decorated with bows


For control freaks

The AIRSPY air pressure sensor is a really smart gadget for bikers. Once fitted to a valve, the little spy measures tyre pressure continuously and sends the data to a smartphone. It alerts the rider to air deviations, thus preventing the notorious “slow puncture”.

Gift ideas for cyclists: AIRSPY tyre pressure sensor in the snow


For bike fashionistas

The fashionable handbag for bikes: the EXPLORER STRAPS 500 is a must-have for every cyclist. It provides space for everything that a man or woman needs on cycling trips. Ideal also for commuters because the water-repellent fabric is resistant to all kinds of weather. 

Bicycle saddle bag decorated with snow


For live wires

The COMPIT system consists of a bike mobile phone holder and a power bank. The latter ensures that the rider does not run out of “juice” while out and about. This means that it is possible to navigate while the smartphone is charging wirelessly. 

Please note that a special mobile phone cover or bag is required for mounting the system!

COMPIT mobile phone holder decorated with bows as a gift idea for cyclists


For thirst quenchers

The stylish DUAL bottle cage with a clean stealth look promises the best style ratings. Th high carbon content of the bottle cage makes it especially lightweight and at the same time guarantees a high degree of stability. The carbon fibres come from the automotive industry and are recycled. 

Dual water bottle holder in the snow


For cult lovers

This floor pump is one of the most sustainable gift ideas for cyclists. Why? The Rennkompressor is so durable that it is passed on from one generation to the next – many components can be replaced if anything gets worn. 

Whatever gift you choose, we wish you a lot of joy – because studies on the secret of happiness have shown that “gift-giving makes you happy.”

One of the most sustainable gift ideas for cyclists: the Rennkompressor