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neu-new allroad road mountain e-bike

WASH YOUR BIKE is a bike cleaner features a pleasant orange fragrance, and is strong enough for effective cleaning but gentle on your bicycle and the environment. It removes tough stains as well as cleaning greasy and oily components like chains, chain rings, bearings and derailleurs. Simply spray it onto your bike and allow it to go to work for a short period. Rinse with water. This biodegradable cleaner can also be diluted with water for cleaning less heavily soiled bikes or spots.


• Biodegradable

• Eliminates obstinate dirt and grime

• Cleaning of surfaces contaminated by oil and grease for instance on chains, chain wheels,
bearings and derailleur mechanism

• Apply and leave to soak for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly

• Orange odour

• Suitable for carbon

neu-new allroad road mountain TUBELESS_110x110 e-bike 27_5plus_icon 29er 5 Jahre Garantie
capacity:750 ml
available from:January 2018

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