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ML-Light set Recharge

neu-new allroad mountain 5 Jahre Garantie

MonkeyLink makes the connection between the bike and the add-on component almost automatically – magnetic, fast, simply intuitive. Magnetically connected to the BlueDock and locked in position using the intuitive locking system, lighting components provide for safety in road traffic. An accidental detachment when on the road is impossible. With the MonkeyLink recharge version, standard bikes can also benefit from the smart connection. An upgrading to the new MonkeyLink standard is possible without any difficulty with just a few components.
Front and rear light

Available in:
70 LUX / 180 LUMEN · Art. No.: 80090 · 119.99 €
50 LUX / 130 LUMEN · Art. No.: 80091 · 99.99 €
30 LUX / 80 LUMEN · Art. No.: 80092 · 79.99 €

with German Highway Traffic Act approval

neu-new allroad road mountain TUBELESS_110x110 e-bike 27_5plus_icon 29er 5 Jahre Garantie
weight:148 g
available from:February 2018

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