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RENNKOMPRESSOR turns 50 and gets an own blog Recently, SKS Germany has released a new website. Mainly, this new website eases the opening on mobile devices. Moreover, it is based on the design which is already known for other SKS Germany media, e. g. the orange buttons. “As a company it’s important for us to […]


SKS Germany renewed its partnership with the ultracyclist Omar di Felice

Still together with the ultra athlete Omar Di Felice After starting the collaboration during 2015, in a season full of success and satisfaction ended with the stunning victory at Ultracycling Dolomitica (and with the Italian specialty champion’s jersey) SKS Germany renews its partnership with the ultracyclist Omar di Felice. Winter Challenge Extreme 2016 will immediately […]



The English company Bluemel was founded in 1860 in East London by Charles William Bluemel and his two brothers. The Bluemel products quickly gained an excellent reputation in cycling and CW Bluemel & Brothers Ltd. expanded rapidly. In 1902, the company purchased an artificial silk factory from Mr. Joseph Cash in Wolston at Coventry, and […]


New sponsor for the Ultra Athlete Omar Di Felice

Extreme challenges, insane distances, exhausting difficulties: this and much more is what ultracy-cling means. This extreme cycling sport is where Omar Di Felice expresses his skills and at his best, throughout an exciting career. 2014 was the year of his consecration: Winner of Le Raid Provence Extreme (580 km. 12,000 D+), Winner of Tortour Switzerland […]


SKS Germany sponsors charity foundation Cycle for Hope

Cycle for Hope organizes in 2015 a number of cycling events to raise funds for people living on the edge of existence: the homeless, addicts and vulnerable women and teenagers. SKS Germany embraces and supports this initiative as an official sponsor. Frederik Reichert, Export Manager SKS Germany: “To go on the pedals and help people […]


SKS pump and repair station can be ordered now!

One year ago IBOMBO, a Polish producer of pump and repair stations for bikes, caught the attention of SKS Germany since they chose to use the SKS AIRWORX floor pump for their stations (we reported). At that time SKS decided to order an IBOMBO-station with SKS design to provide it to a local restaurant […]


NEW: Even more protection with the XXL Spoilers!

Recently, SKS Germany has improved their RACEBLADE and RACEBLADE XL. Instead of the usual spoiler they are equiped with a XXL Spoiler now! Through the new spoilers the mudguards are much longer than before and offer even more protection. RACEBLADE XL: 13 % longer now! The RACEBLADE version for fitness-, street- and crossbikes with 700 […]


SKS Germany draws a positive balance for 2014

Within the annual sales meeting at SKS Germany CEO Michael Beste and Sales Manager Marcel Spork have drawn a balance for 2014. They emphasized that SKS is very satisfied with nearly all product ranges. The turnover has exceeded the last year’s one for the fifth year in a row. Especially mudguards and pumps were the […]


SKS Germany Products – Perfect for E-Bikes

SKS Germany is known for their high quality product range of bike accessories. So of course the company knows also which the best products for E-Bike-cyclists are. These products are marked with a „PERFECT FOR E-BIKE“- label. The E-Bike has become more and more popular during the last years. With the rising demand for E-Bikes, […]


Start of registration for SKS Bike-Marathon

Already for some years SKS Germany has held the SKS Bike-Marathon in cooperation with the event Mega-Sports in Sundern (Sauerland). This year the race takes place on 25th of April. The online-registration starts next weekend, on 25th of January. Soon the starter’s gun will be fired for the known SKS Bike-Marathon again. In the middle […]