With this fender, the name says it all. Our extra long RACEBLADE LONG protects you, whether you‘re riding your racing bike in a warm summer rain or on solitary winter trips. The end of each fender extends to below the hub axle. This length ensures that you, and also the cyclist behind you, are spared from splashing. The RACEBLADE LONG can easily be mounted on almost any racing bike and perfectly adapted to the radius of the wheel by adjusting the length of the stays. The clip connections ensure that the RACEBLADE LONG can be removed very quickly from the racing bike when not needed, leaving
only the metal mounting brackets.

tire: 28
color: black
weight: 461 g
Profile width: 35 mm
Length front fender: 520 + 150 mm
length rear fender: 810 + 150 mm
Art.No. 11014